Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tape drive rent and install...

To complete the migration from IBM Power5 9405-520 running I5 V5R4 OS to IBM Power7 8202-E4B (720) running I5 V6R1 requires that I temporarily install a tape controller on the old 520. It made no sense to purchase a compatible tape drive for the new 720 since the 520 has a ¼” tape drive and LTO technology is far superior in capacity and speed.

To complete the migration we decided to rent a 5702 PCI Tape controller card and a LTO-2 tape drive rather than buy. Over time I have installed hard drives, memory and battery caches but I have never had the opportunity to install a tape controller card.

To install a 5702 PCI Tape Controller IOA you need to have available or install a 2844 PCI IOP. In my case I do not have a 2844 available so I will have to install that as well. To make things easier the 520 has slots C1, C2 and C3 available. From the IBM documentation I was able to determine that the 2844 goes into C1 and the 5702 will go into C2.

I will be doing the install following the IBM documentation and do not expect any problems.

This is going to be a good refresher for me. I am a little confused over how the IBM documentation designates the 9405 and a POWER5 and POWER6. If anyone has an answer for this anomaly I would like to hear it.


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