Sunday, July 22, 2012

Next challenge, EDI integration....

My intended daily blog has turned into a when I can blog. This is a good thing since it means I am getting paid.

My current contract analyzing and documenting EDI processes for a major retailer in preparation for replacement of software or full outsourcing. The software currently being used is Trusted Link on an iSeries with a flat file IFS interface to Retail merchandising System based on Oracle.

If kept in house the software mandate is to run on Microsoft platform and all processes discontinued on the iSeries. Interface architecture is to be replaced with an Enterprise Bus Service package that will be used across the organization. I am also being asked to help with implementation new WMS from Highjump and TMS from Mercurygate software which requires interoperability with EDI processes.

Two potential software candidates that can fill the EDI and Enterprise Bus Service requirements are Extol EBI and Microsoft BizTalk.

This is exciting stuff and I am being given the opportunity to use my iSeries, EDI, integration, warehousing, distribution and management skills to help move a fast paced environment from a single ERP based system to a best of breed software using the cloud where possible environment. I will be getting exposure to Oracle, Cloud processing and Microsoft products such as SSIS, BizTalk and .Net.

I do still want to keep my iSeries programming skills up and am fortunate to have active clients requiring programming development and IT assistance. I am currently working on updating a System 2000 tax processes.

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