Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out goes Google docs and in comes Microsoft...

I had converted myself from a M$ proponent to a droid foot soldier in hopes that Google would get a toe hold in business but with my current employment and now find myself pulled back into MS.

As a recent co-worker mentioned many times to me, (reminds me of the insurance commercial with the guy on motorcycle with dollar bills flying off except he has MS certifications flying off, not mentioning any names Ned), MS is deep in business and will be for many years to come. There is no hiding and I really cannot fight it.

I have been provided Office 2010 Pro and the company foundation is based on MS. I must stand behind MS and provide support and future integration to back end systems. Not really a bad thing but a 180^ turn from my focus over the last 14 months. I have spent a lot of effort over the years integrating MS with iSeries and it will now come in handy.

So out the window (no pun intended) goes Google Docs, Drive and Evernote. While I believe they are great products I must stand behind my current employers choice to be based on MS.

If this were any other job I would stick with Google but I realy like this company and people and plan to be here for many years to come.

In is MS Office, Skydrive and MS Onenote.

My Office download is finishing and I'm off to configure connectivity and switch from Google. Good thing I grabbed richard.bryant@outlook.com when it became available months ago.  


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