Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Switch from IBM iSeries to Oracle and .Net

    1. Your IT budget is small and you want to triple it.

    1. You have large empty room and can not justify hiring more RPGLE programmers to fill it.

    1. Your CEO likes pretty GUI interface. (Who cares if its productive? So what if it takes 20 pretty screens to fill one ugly green screen.)

    1. You have lots of empty rack space for MS servers or want to build out additional rack space.  (One Power 7 rack is not impressive enough to show visitors how important you are.)

    1. Your part time iSeries operator is bored and needs company. (He'll have at least three new friends that will spend days preparing Oracle fixes and nights applying them.)

    1. You need to be seen as an humanitarian and hire a dozens under paid Indian H1B visa holders to fill your empty cubes.

    1. You have the need to field a Cricket team. (You'll have one with all the Indian .net programmers you hired.)

    1. Your bored with RPGLE because it works so well and feel the need to chase .NET bugs for the next 10 years. RPGLE Development is to fast.

    1. You need to feel wanted by causing as much production downtime as possible. (You can always blame the third party software vendor.)

    And the number one reason to switch from iSeries to Oracle……..

    You need 50 programmers to worship you and IT budget bigger than some countries GDP. You are a God!


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  1. Our IT budget has increased 10 fold. We only have 3 RPGLE programmers supporting our iSeries. They have hired 300 contractors for the Oracle team mostly indians and they turnover a dozen of them every week. We have been "coverting" to Oracle for 12 years now and they're still not done. Every time they demo the software for us the users all cry, 50 screens to do what we do on 1 screen, are you kidding me!