Monday, May 27, 2013

Whooohooo! IBMi V7R1 installed and working with no problems.

Good to be back and up to date, was at V5R4 and I was missing some of the enhancements that were in V6R1. I upgraded several machines three years ago to V6R1 and did not like going back and working with V5R4.

Since I am now essentially a one man IT shop (software/IBMi) and buried deep in fixing and supporting a failed ERP implementation I outsourced the upgrade to Source Data Products. Over the years I have done about 15 installs/upgrades but has never been my focus and it takes planning to do it right. I did not have the time to plan and do the upgrade myself.

Bob and Mark did a fantastic job. Bob from the standpoint of providing a price that could not be beat and Mark for performing a flawless upgrade. As a bonus he configured ASMI port. Now I have full remote control access to the IBMi. From a powered off status I can start machine without manual intervention at the CO-LO and see status of machine before IPL.

Total time for upgrade excluding software downloads and third party software upgrades was around 7 hours. One small bump with credit card processing software, they missed sending be the bulletin to change JAVA path. IBM changed the JAVA path to QOPNSYS which is where it should have been in the first place.

For under $3k Source Data Products cannot be beat. Now I have to quickly get up to speed with RDi Development Tools and V7R1 enhancements. Can't wait to utilize RUNSQL in CLLE, SDA and RLU in RDi.

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