Thursday, September 18, 2014

Accessing Data on Microsoft SQL Server From IBM i

My latest challenge is how to marry data on our Ecommerce SQL servers with our IBMi DB2 data from IBMi system using SQL. We managed to setup a linked server on Ecommerce side of the fence which allows us to access data from both systems at same time, very cool.

I would love to be able to do this from the IBMi and I found this IBMi tech document. Accessing Data on Microsoft SQL Server From IBM i

I am looking for someone who may have used this software and give me some insight on how well it has worked or not worked. Does anyone have any experience with this software?

I requested a quote from our IBM business partner and first response was software does not run on IBMi. I am having the business partner re-query IBM since that is not what tech document is leading me to believe. Maybe the tech doc is flawed.

My hope is this capability would allow me to write SQLRPGLE programs on IBMi that can insert or update tables directly on the SQL servers. I would be bringing in EDI data into IBMi and updating tracking information on SQL servers that feed information to our E-commerce customers. VERY, VERY COOL! 


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