Friday, January 29, 2016

IBM i Access Client Solutions, AWESOME!

I have been running Client Solutions since October and have found it is now a full replacement for Iseries Access and Ops Navigator. The last update added the last missing piece, Run SQL scripts.

For the most part I use Linoma's Surveyor/400 software which is awesome and I really miss it when I have to work on machine it is not licensed on. That's where Client Solutions comes to play, and play well, it now does.

I have to say even over remote VPN client it all works very well. I am starting to use Navigator i for all monitoring replacing green screen.

One gotcha to be aware of. I went to delete 125mb save file from IFS folder and the machine ground to a halt. Not a good thing in the middle of the day. Had to sweat it out for 20 minutes before the machine would respond.

I knew there was a December update that I had not loaded so I downloaded and installed. Install was painless and now have run SQL option.

Planning to wait until off hours on Sunday to try deleting from IFS and see if issue was resolved in last update.

Have a great day!


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