Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another good week...

Had another good week. Even though I am currently unemployed I continue to have remote programming work and positive feedback from my peers.

Accomplished getting WSDC 6.0 communicating with clients iSeries. Had issues with needing the ports on the firewall opened. What a pleasure to be able to read, change and debug with WSDC GUI. Thanks Sam for showing me the light!

Finished adjusting and enhancing clients automated EDI 816 organization documents from Wal-Mart. I originally created the program a few years back but the program was lacking the capability to identify Wal-Mart DC's to create the correct ship to identification in VAI System 2000.
To accomplish the task I incorporated some new technics using RPGLE FREE and Embedded SQL.
First I used %SCAN bif to locate position and character of the warehouse type alpha identification in the name description in the incoming EDI document for warehouse adds, changes or deletes.
Next, used %SUBSTR to extract the full warehouse identification.
Next, used %CHECK to make sure I have a character or send error notification if not.
Next, used %XLATE to change the alpha character to cross referenced number.
I also used VAI's SNDMAIL to send email reporting how many add, changes and deletes as well as total incoming and processed records. This involved adding counters and passing a text parameter back to the calling CL and initiating SNDMAIL command.
This task was a good exercise of programming skills I picked up over the last few years and unable to use regularly due to managing and user support responsibilities.

Also installed Linoma's Surveyor/400 on clients iSeries. I picked up Surveyor from previous coworker and found that is inexpensive enough to sell to the smaller clients. I look forward to showing Jason how to use the software to replace WRKDBF and SQL green screen. I have a really good project for this week and Surveyor will come in handy.


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