Friday, January 13, 2012

Its a small world...

Had a great interview yesterday at an Apparel importer / distributor and I think I got the gig. Should only take a few weeks but hopefully there will be other projects. This will be my first Jacksonville based client and just 20 minutes from home.

Its a small world, Elwin Kunzler is working there as a programmer. I passed up Elwin for another candidate when I hired the team over at Pilot Pen. No hard feelings, the choice was between him and another and I chose the other.

The job seems simple enough, basically setting up file transfer between iSeries application and Windows based  planning application. One requirement is to use QNTC file system. The QNTC is what I tried to show Pilot Pen but the VP did not understand so he continued with copy file process and batch programs, ugh.

This will be a great opportunity to use QNTC in a production environment. 

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