Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Job market heating up....

After a really slow first week I am becoming optimistic on the prospects of finding a new job. I am currently partnered up with a services company for remote administration and chasing another one.  I have not seen any work yet buy I am hopeful. I have an interview for a two month developer contract position tomorrow, I hope it will go well. Several other possibilities are floating but all are contract or contract to hire.

A few days ago I noticed free online education from Stanford. The entire course; video taped lectures, exercises, assignments and handouts are available to the public. So I decided to go back to basics and see if what I learned in the school of hard knocks are comparable to what is being taught.

Integrating the course with Eclipse WDSC 6.0 was challenging and I hope to post how I got it working.

Just got a call from one of my clients for a quick programming job. Should not take me more than fours to code and test. The Pups need dog bones so I better get to work!

Have your best day!


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