Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreaded "Automatic installation not complete" message...

While upgrading to i5/OS V6R1 from V5R4 I received a message I have not seen before, "Automatic installation not complete". I received this message after loading all the upgrade media and the IPL had completed. I proceeded to look for why the installation did not complete and found job log message 410196/QLPINSTALL/QLPINSTALL.
Message: Error while processing file MRMXH20010 in QUSRTMP.
Cause: Some objects may have been damaged. Save or Restore results cannot be predicted.
Tech Description: Error summary code E410. Device dependent error code.
Failed installation 5761XH2, 5761XW1,  *BASE

My belief is that the DVD was damaged. The client does not use the product but I would still like to see it installed. I plan on downloading and trying the install at a later date.



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