Tuesday, December 13, 2011

iSeries sessions not opening and EOD did not finish...

Sat down this morning and quickly noticed I am be requested to join a hangout named Help created by one of my clients.

Jason stated he cannot access the iSeries 5250 emulation screens. The sessions start up and are blank but show connected. Jason also stated that he cannot access the Operations Console.

I fired up a VPN connection and attempted to start a session with same result. The Operation Console started and gave me control panel access but no console session. I am a little confused why the console session would not start. I know that the problem is the QINTER subsystem is not started but did not realize that the console session would also run under QINTER. I have to look into that a little further.

With the Operation Control Panel up I could force an IPL but want to avoid if possible. I start up iSeries Navigator and expand Work Management and click on Active Jobs. I see the End of Day job with a message waiting. The CL attempts to shut down the subsystem and there is no monitor message code if the subsystem is already ended. The job halted and waiting for answer to message. Easy permanent fix to the program, never a problem before.

The problem was created when Jason inadvertently selected the wrong job scheduled entry to submit to batch. After he submitted the job he canceled it but the job had already progressed to the point of shutting down QINTER. Without realizing what was happening he left for the day.

I answered the message with I to ignore and let the End of Day complete normally. Problem resolved.

System I Navigator saves the day! With a little help from me. ;)

A simpler way would have been to just fire up a session in QCTL subsystem. Unfortunately we did not add a work station entry after the migration. I am fixing that now. This brings me back to why did the console session not start, it did not occur to me to add workstation entry since we now have Remote Console capabilities.


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