Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How things change so quickly...

Wow how things can change so quickly. Last Thursday I started working a contract job that involves interfacing a PC SQL based store planning system to an iSeries ERP system. Good thing I have some apparel distribution experience.

Lots to learn and a short time to accomplish the task. This  is a start to finish project requiring planning,  technical documentation and RPGLE programming. I also will have to learn how to decompose XML documents into DB2 tables. But first I have to figure out just how much has to be done regarding data cleansing of the antiquated ERP system. :)

So with all my focus on the new job I have been lacking in working on the Stanford CS105A course and finding permanent work. I have completed assignment one and very interested in finishing the course. I hope I can get back to it soon.

I also had an interview today for a permanent position as an EDI Developer / Analyst. I have been excited at the prospect after last weeks positive short phone interview with the EDI Manager. She described a large company, nine distribution centers, many unique challenges and only seven miles from home. She is looking for an all around person who can complete projects from start to finish such as talking with customers, users, setup EDI documents, programming, debugging, interfacing with other developers and be a self starter.

After 90 minutes meeting with the EDI Manager, Applications Manager and a Developer, I left feeling it was the best interview I ever had. The interviewers were impressed with my skill set and I really felt a connection.

It has bothered me a little that to the extent that I have diversified my skills but here it may pay off. A large distribution company, good people, plenty of challenges with plenty of room for me to grow. Whats not to like? I have a high hope that I land this job!


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