Monday, February 20, 2012

iSeries DB2 to XML

Arrived at the office before 7 am and spent an hour looking at third party xml solutions then decided to move forward with what I have already tested. During the meeting last Friday it was decided to spend a couple of weeks looking into rpgle oar. Since time is short and we don't want to miss our due date we decided to spend the next two weeks moving forward with what I have already tested know works. I believe that I can have the interfaces ready for stress testing in that time frame.

I put in the ear buds, turned up the music and starting coding. I only got up three times, one coffee refill and two bathroom. Took a 15min chat break along the way. By 2:30pm I had a commented and clean looking rpgle program that creates or replaces four xml documents containing data from four iSeries master files in an IFS folder. I pretty satisfied.

One down, six to go.

As soon as the network guys can get the test server up and running I will be able to set up daily full cycle loads. While I'm waiting I am going to start on the product sync programs.

I'll post the code and more details in the near future. Any critqueing will be greatly appreciated.


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