Wednesday, December 3, 2014

As the wind blows...

My PowerRuby ambitions are forced to take a back seat for a while. Work that pays is new focus with planning for IBM I5/550 OS PTF update on three partitions and iTERA HA. Includes HMC update as well.

Also planning for new IBMi Power8 install and migration from Power6 box. The old Power6 running since 2007 only had a few problems resulting limited down time. Battery cache and one drive went bad but we never missed a beat. An unused controller card failed last week and we decided to just vary it off. Ran 24/7 with automatic IPL monthly and limited operator intervention (me). I almost finished converting nightly tape to the cloud. Need just a wee bit more disk since I have no dedup software. The new box more that doubles disk. Got to love it.

Hopefully get back to PowerRuby after x-mas. It's all loaded and ready to go. I need to update with latest PTF cumulative and groups for this box.

My first challenge is adding VPN connection to my already crowded PC. Thank fully it's Sonic Wall and unfortunately I currently only have access the the full install client with new connection parameters embedded. I do not want to take a chance and install two on same machine/OS.

Time for MS Virtual PC. Downloaded from MS and ran install and get to 93%, BAM, "Installed failed reverting configuration".  I am getting 0x80004005 error code. Can not have more than 13 interfaces, who knew? I dig into regedit and find one of the interfaces is Shrewsoft. Ha, don't need that. Uninstalled Shrewsoft and checked registry entry and find it's gone and now there are 12 interfaces.

Run MS .msi and SUCCESS! It's been a long day I'll figure out how to use it tomorrow night.


I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown

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