Monday, December 1, 2014


Over Thanksgiving weekend, while wife not watching, I downloaded PowerRuby to PC. Took a while for little over 200mb to download. Took even longer to upload to IBMi.

I discovered that IBM 5733SC1 - IBM Portable Utilities for i5/OS was not installed. Lucky for me complete OS image is stored in IFS, it's nice to have plenty of disk. 

I really like Virtual optical drive and image catalogs. Here is a good article explaining image catalogs and how to setup and use. Peace of cake -

WRKIMGCLG on command line....

Select option 12, Work with Entries....

Once DVD-ISO image is mounted select F12 and return back to work with Image Catalogs..

All you need to do now is option 8 Load.

Virtual Optical drive OPTVRT01 is now ready to use to restore licensed program.

THE IBM* PORTABLE UTILITIES FOR i5/OS* consists of a *BASE and Option 1. Both must be installed with CL commands similar to these:



No issues, RSTLICPGM, like other steps took longer than expected. I think all told about 15 minutes.

I do need to go and get all the IBM PTF's to complete the install but that will have to wait till this coming weekend. I run full PTF update twice a year and am overdue for second update. Major rule I have is not to install PTF's on a month end weekend. Been there and got bite on ass to prove it.

Oh yeah, this is about PowerRuby.....

At this point I uploaded to IBMi following PowerRuby instuctions

No issues and went smoothly. I now have PowerRuby installed and ready for my first new rails app from scratch....

Unfortunately will have to wait. I have a bunch of side work including replacing daily tape backup with save to cloud (Carbonite) and possible V5R4 upgrade.


When you catch bugs early, you also get fewer compound bugs. Compound bugs are two separate bugs that interact: you trip going downstairs, and when you reach for the handrail it comes off in your hand. ~Paul Graham, "The Other Road Ahead," 2001

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