Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Web service call from SQLRPGLE

Yesterdays challenge is to replace a scheduled timed event with a dynamic process. Give's us an opportunity to try REST from RPGLE using new SYSTOOLS HTTPGETCLOB.

The program is simple and just prompts the Web programming to capture funds and invoice order in ERP backend. Responds with OK and if not send me an E-mail.

Very cool and once I managed to get all the special chatters in the right place works great. This can also be done in a CLLE with RUNSQL command and CREATE TABLE AS. I initially blew it in CLLE and reported to IBM could not get it working. They came back a few days later, right after I got RPGLE version working, and informed me that '+' continuation line character had a space before and that was causing SQL to fail with SQLSTT 38000. DUH!

The next step is a SOAP message so we can trade data between web and back end ERP.

I wish I had the time to learn PowerRuby. I believe I can do this with Ruby as well.

My next endeavor is JSON to link back end VAI ERP to DESK.COM. Again I think PowerRuby can help and really need to figure out how to get there.

//******************Begin sub-routines*******************************
       // Run web service and check response

       begsr xxxx;

       // Change Job CCSID to 37
       CmdStr = 'CHGJOB CCSID(37)';
       callp(e) ExcCmd(%trim(CmdStr) : %len(%trim(CmdStr)));

       // Call Web Service Action=doInvoicing
       Exec SQL
            SELECT data into :m_data FROM
                   '<httpHeader connectTimeout="10000"> +
                   </httpHeader>'))) WS(data);

       // Change Job CCSID to system default
       CmdStr = 'CHGJOB CCSID(65535)';
       callp(e) ExcCmd(%trim(CmdStr) : %len(%trim(CmdStr)));

       // If Web service response not OK - send Email
       if m_data <> 'OK';
        exsr email_err;


        // Send email if failed to get response from Web

       begsr email_err;
        // Build send email command                                                 
         CmdStr = 'SNDMAIL RECIPIENT((RICHARD xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.COM))';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + ' SENDER(QCAPIBMI xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.COM)';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + ' SUBJECT(' + Quote + 'PO Receipt processed';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + ' ***Web Capture funds not processed ***';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + Quote + ') MESSAGE(' + Quote;
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + 'EDIARDSCF failed to receive response OK';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + ' *** Contact WEB ***';
         CmdStr = %trim(CmdStr) + Quote + ')';

       // Send email                                                               

       callp(e) ExcCmd(%trim(CmdStr) : %len(%trim(CmdStr)));



One man's crappy software is another man's full time job. ~Jessica Gaston, 2008

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