Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google spreadsheet deficiency.....

The last couple of days went by fast. I did not make as much progress as would have liked but I now have a work around. The hold up has been setting up the test network. There is some routing magic that I do not have access to handle cross domain traffic. We will use RDP to the server for the time being.

I can now start working with the users on the receiving and allocation processes. Hopefully no major gotchas pop up. It is getting tight on time but I may complete the interfaces on schedule.

Today's programming required identifying a program that extracts sales data from one file and adds it to another file for reporting purposes. Once identified modify to output to alternate file for my processes to use.

No tricks with this one, modified and put into testing. Should have data in my new file in the morning.

On another note my personal challenge of using Google Docs instead of Microsoft Office came to a halt. I need the rotate the text in a cell 90^, Google spreadsheet does not support text rotation.


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  1. I feel your pain! I love the idea of collaboration with this software, and easily accessing up-to-date versions via my phone, iPad and such. But, it comes down to usability, and the details. My spreadsheet is HUGE without the ability to simply rotate my text. Can't wait for this to be resolved.