Saturday, March 17, 2012

SNADS support call...

Yesterday, as I am pulling into the driveway coming from my contract job I got a support call from another company that I have started doing work for. I am a little tired programming all day but am up for a new challenge. The call as relayed to me involves a iSeries box partitioned and the customer is having trouble replacing Opticonnect with native SNADS distribution services to use SNDNETF.

I has been sometime since I have had to configure SNADS but I am up for the challenge. After refreshing myself with the IBM document, Configuring SNADS and Setting Up SNA Distribution Services I gave the customer a call.

The customer has some unique challenges in that the iSeries is disconnected to the network. She seems very knowledgeable on her situation but just needs a little directional help. I walked her through the IBM document and both of us come to the conclusion the distribution services is the problem area. I sent her the IBM document and she agreed that she could check the configuration and would call me back if needed.

This morning as I was going over my notes I realized I had not sent her the second IBM document with the Basic SNADS troubleshooting tips. I sent it over to her and below is the response I received.

What a great way to start my Saturday! I better get away from the PC or the dogs are going to drag me away, it’s time for the PARK!

Have a great day!


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