Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No RPGLE external procedure joy...

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eat you, today the bear eat me. I could not figure out how to make my program see the module I created to handle XML special characters. I finely threw in the towel and just added another sub-routine.

I am starting to fall behind so I could not spend anymore time on this piece, I am planning to work on figuring it out this coming weekend.

I now have all the master tables loaded and programs to support pushing changes from the iSeries to the PC server application. I have to fine tune the automation over the next few days.

Tomorrow I am start working with the allocation person to map out the incoming and outgoing processes done on the Iseries Island Pacific ERP.

Off to have dinner with the lovely wife, it’s our 19th wedding anniversary.

Also, our deepest sympathies for my good friend Rick Santiago and his family, his father passed away this afternoon.


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