Monday, March 5, 2012

RPGLE Special XML characters...

Had a good meeting Friday afternoon. Got the go ahead for the SQL, procedure and /copy RPGLE programs I have been working on. The two managers seemed please and joked about turning an operations guy into a programmer. I am having a good time programming and liking all the cool things I have accomplished in such a short time. II have picked up a lot over the past 20 years and it is all falling into place. Thank god for all the posts and articles that are filling in the blanks.

Hit the ground running this morning. Finished off the daily sales summaries program and verified the XML document's looked good.

We resolved the QNTC connection issue with the test environment Friday. I finished up setting up the job description and creating the necessary folders on the server. I also completed adjusting the configuration settings of MidRetail.

At this point I am ready to move all the source and create new objects from my library to the newly created Midretail library. I am moving over one by one and loading the Midretail application with the generated XML documents.

I was quickly reminded that there are special characters that XML does not like. Ampersand being one of them. That threw a monkey wrench in to the mix.

Now I am off to create an external procedure and create a binding directory to hold the reusable code. Found this article and modifying it for my use. I am going with BigKat’s solution.

If anyone can think of a better way please pass it on.


Programming is like sex.  One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life.  ~Michael Sinz

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